Talinn / Estonia

Di’Artist is the newest addition to Europe’s vibrant rock music scene, bringing their unique and explosive energy to stages across the continent. Their sound is a perfect mix of the 80s rock genre, characterized by its hard-hitting riffs, soaring guitar solos, and powerful vocals, all fused with modern elements that give their music a contemporary edge.

Di’Artist’s music is a testament to the enduring appeal of rock music, and their performances capture the raw energy and passion that has made the genre so beloved by generations of fans. They are a band that knows how to bring the house down, leaving audiences stunned and amazed by their electrifying live shows.

So if you’re looking for a band that embodies the spirit of rock music, look no further than Di’Artist. With their infectious energy, soaring riffs, and powerhouse vocals, they are sure to leave an indelible mark on the rock music landscape. Join the movement and experience the power of Di’Artist today!

Di’Artist | Johnny Be Good Records




Diana-Maria Toomingas – Main vocals
Martin Kivi – Guitar/Back vocals
Tarvi Aldur – Guitar
Markus Lehemets – Bass/Back vocals
Norman Reinberg – Drums


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