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CURSE emerges as a daring and enigmatic presence in the music world, challenging the prevailing norms of the pop scene with their distinctive sound. At the core of this revolutionary group is Wess Willis, a former evangelical whose personal metamorphosis profoundly influences the band’s artistic direction. The band’s lyrical lines vividly capture Willis’s transformation from faithful believer to vocal opponent, where he speaks with intense loathing for religious norms.

Deep-tuned guitar riffs and dragging rhythms accompanying illustrative and thought-provoking lyrics are a distinctive mark of the band’s musical style. Their songs capture complex subjects like self-destructive aspirations and mankind’s psyche, where it all climaxes with great anthem-like choruses that could be understood by many.

These elements are just a taste of what CURSE brings to the table, setting a compelling foundation for their upcoming debut album “Not Enjoying The Future,” set for release in 2024. CURSE stands as a mysterious yet bold voice in the industry, blending raw emotion with intricate storytelling to create a sound that is both unique and universally appealing. Their approach not only sets them apart but also marks them as a band to watch in the evolving landscape of modern music.

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